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Our Fashions Deals are on a First-Come First Served basis and, are ONLY available in Size shown. Be advised that our “Bargain Basement Deals” are shown ONLY ONLINE.

Other deals may be found in our home-based, lower floor store gallery: Devine Occasions Storefront.

Our Rack of Fashion Deals consists of inventory that must be moved. You will find clothing of all types: asymmetrical, 2 or 3 piece skirts/pantsuits, a variety of colors greens, pink, yellows, browns, reds, grays, etc.

They're simply too numerous to talk about. Our designs are waiting for you to feel the luxurious chiffons, knits, cottons, linens, mink, etc. that only a Fashion Diva can Embrace!

I'm a living witness that ALL designer outfits are genuinely and wonderfully available in ALL sizes shown. Mr. Howard Finney' s lower floor area for shopping has SO MANY to choose from. There were simply TOO MANY images! As Mr. Finney's web designer I was amazed at the wide spectrum of sizes, colors and designs. The assortment and terrific service given to make sure "You Stand Out From The Crowd: You're NEVER Invisible!
Stylish Woman
Creative Diva
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Howard Finney

Devine Occasions is one of Dallas’ finest African-American owned businesses.

It is operated by Mr. Howard Finney, founder. Devine Occasions has been in operation for over 20 years.

Mr. Finney is a retailer offering fine designer apparel wear.

Fashion Deals OF The Week features Donna Vinci Knits, Shon & Whittall fine hats, Nubiano, Terramina, Elite and more.

Want the Ultimate Devine Occasions Experience? Contact Us to set a personal shopping appointment!

Make sure you contact Mr. Howard Finney at 972.896.1378 for personal consulting!