Welcome to our Bargain Basement Spin-Off of Devine Occasions. You Asked…We Heard! Now you’ll be able to get Designer Apparel at an Affordable Price!

Just like Devine Occasions, Fashion Deals Of The Week is owned and operated by Mr. Howard Finney, founder. Devine Occasions has been in operation for over 18 years. Mr. Finney is a retailer offering fine designer apparel wear.

Devine Occasions AND Fashion Deals Of The Week (month) will ONLY BE AVAILABLE ONLINE. Devine Occasions brick and mortar fashion gallery is no longer located at the Southwest Center Mall.

WARNING: Designer Apparel availability is FIRST COME, FIRST PURCHASE. The clothes that will be displayed in the Fashion Gallery are ONLY AVAILABLE in the STYLE/SIZE Shown. Once it has been purchased you won’t find it displayed on our site because it was a One-Of-A-Kind!

Sixe 8 Ben Marc Black/Silver Metallic Skirt Set